Ehraz Ahmed is a Security Researcher, entrepreneur, fin-tech professional, and ethical hacker. He is the CEO and founder of Voxy Wealth Management, Aspirehive, and StackNexo. He is known for detecting security flaws in Facebook, Twitter, Airtel, and Apple.


Voxy Wealth Management

Voxy wealth Management is directed by some of the most experienced individuals in the financial markets.  The in-house implementation and depository services seamlessly incorporate the investment procedures end-to-end. 


Aspirehive intends to be a shield to your website, protecting it from menaces and attacks. It penetrates in your servers and detects the flaws, keeping clients up to date and fix the hazards they might be in due to the attackers.


StackNexo is a web platform for website services like Hosting, Backup, Web Security, etc.  It will help clients by dealing with their servers and updating them with reports and analysis.  Also, in case of malfunction, an automated response is taken by the platform, which clears the malware.  

Case StudySecurity
August 22, 2019

Protected: Security Flaw in Truecaller

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Case StudySecurity
August 23, 2019

Security Flaw in Pepperfry

What is Pepperfry? Pepperfry is an e-commerce marketplace that allows users to shop furniture and home decor products. What is The Flaw? One of their Internal Authentication API can autologin you…
Case StudySecurity
October 8, 2019

Security Flaw in Justdial

What Is Justdial? Justdial provides a local search for different types of services in India over the phone and online. What Is The Flaw? One of their Internal API can…

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